What to Do if Geese Case You Problems

Canadian geese are known as the more aggressive lake/pond type of bird. They have been know to chase and flock people and pets. What do you do if you have them around your home? Are there services you can contact to get rid of them? Yes, there is! Contacting a company that specializes in Canada geese control can help you get the birds removed safe and easily off your property.

When you call a control company, they will safely and humanely remove the pesky birds from your land and area as long as it’s legal to do so. Some homes near lakes are not allowed to remove the geese due to the birds being on public land. However, contacting and the lake’s owners or park rangers (in some cases) can help in that situation. By calling the control company, you are allowing them to take and relocate the geese to a more suitable area.

Most Canadian geese get aggressive when they are used to being fed and when they think they are supposed to get fed, they get angry. They are also territorial with their area and do not like it when people or other animals get into their spaces. Like most things, it’s funny at first but can get scary if not controlled in the beginning.

Control services will trap the bird in humane traps and will take them to either another area all together. This would move the birds away from your home and in a safe area. A lot of times, bird refuges with large lakes or ponds will take the geese in. The room they have there is perfect for the aggressive birds. It allows them space and enough food that they do not feel the need to get upset with people or animals. In some cases, when a lake home is involved, moving the birds to another part of the lake will do the trick and will keep them from coming back.